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    By default, the games will have the standard initial position. If you or your students want to play the game with a different initial position (for example, Fischer random (Chess960), No-Castling Chess, Book Opening, No-Queens chess, Pawns-only chess, etc. ), you can change the initial position.

    1) Custom Initial Position in Manual Pairings

    When creating manual pairings in the Game Area, you can click on the “Initial Position” section to expand it, and then setup a position, as shown below:

    All the games/pairings will have the same initial position.

    2) Custom Initial Position in Invite

    This feature is also available for the option of manually inviting a player to a game. In this case, you/your students will have to click “Setup Position” in the game preferences, as shown below:

    You can setup pieces on the board by clicking the piece on the side of the board and clicking on the square. If you want to remove a piece from the board, click the ‘X’ icon and then click on the piece. You can also paste a FEN on the input field to load position from a FEN. You can also set other settings like castling for White and Black and whose turn to play. Finally, click “OK”.

    Now you will see the preview of the initial position updated in the “Send Invitation” pop-up. Click “OK” to send the game invite to the other player.

    After the other player accepts the invite, the game will be loaded for both the players.

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