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What is Chesslang Mini?

Chesslang Mini is a tailored chess coaching solution that brings the best of Chesslang’s versatile features into compact packages

Designed to cater to specific coaching needs, Chesslang Mini offers focused modules, each encompassing a unique set of tools. It provides a cost-effective and efficient solution tailored to your coaching preferences.

Chesslang Mini Products

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All of these include white-labeling, i.e. the entire platform will be integrated with YOUR academy website. For example, you and your students can access the platform at online.<your-academy>.com.

Chesslang Solve

Are you the type of chess coach that loves to keep your students engaged through chess assignments and quizzes? “Chesslang Solve” is perfect for you!

What comes with “Chesslang Solve”?


Dive into immersive chess solving with interactive activities including puzzles, MCQs, play with computer, interactive videos, and more.


Engage in dynamic chess challenges, test your students’ knowledge, and hone their strategic thinking through interactive quizzes and assignments.


Access a treasure trove of chess knowledge; store, manage, and analyze games with your students to enhance their skills.


Fuel your students’ excitement for learning by creating interactive studies and quizzes, with the help of your databases of study materials. Elevate your coaching to the next level!

Chesslang Play

Let your students experience the thrill of competition and the joy of playing chess with “Chesslang Play”.

What comes with “Chesslang Play”?


A place where your students can engage in thrilling competitive play and showcase their prowess. Conduct online rated tournaments with your academy’s rating system, automated pairings, and support for multiple formats (Swiss, Quad, Swiss-Team).

Game Area

Lets your students play casual games with their peers and play with computer with various levels of difficulty.


As a coach, you can play against multiple students simultaneously. Our user-friendly interface allows you to switch between games easily.

Whether your students want to play casual games or engage in a fierce competition, “Chesslang Play” has something for everyone.

Chesslang Learn

Unlock the power of chess coaching with “Chesslang Learn.” Engage in in-depth studies, create interactive online classrooms, and tap into a repository of chess knowledge in the database.

What comes with “Chesslang Learn”?


Create and manage interactive chess activities including puzzles, MCQs, play with computer, interactive videos, and more.


Foster interactive and engaging learning environments, connecting with students, and enhancing their chess understanding through virtual classrooms.


Refer to your chess databases while in a classroom, load positions and games easily, and ask questions from puzzle databases.

Boost your students’ engagement during online classes with “Chesslang Learn”!

Chesslang Admin

Streamline and elevate your chess academy management with “Chesslang Admin.” Automate attendance tracking, effortlessly manage payments, and free up more time to focus on what truly matters – teaching chess.

What comes with “Chesslang Admin”?

Contacts Management

Manage all your students and coaches in a single place.

Class Logs

Create offline class entries manually

Automate Attendance

Monitor students’ attendance with ease

Payment Management

Simplify financial tracking with automated invoices and reminder emails.

Empower yourself with efficient administrative tools.

Why Chesslang Mini?