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Start managing all your students and coaches in a single place. Integrate the coaching and playing platform at online.<yourwebsite>.com

Why choose Chesslang for your school?

Your school’s own platform -

Manage everything under one roof

Setup any curriculum of your choice

Engage students with tournaments (Game Arena)

Track performance with reports

Trusted by chess coaches around the world

Chesslang is used by 1000+ academies, federations, and schools in more than 64 countries



Top GMs and Academies

ISD 191 District
Speyer Legacy School
Success Charter Schools
Yalow Charter School
Great Neck School
Booker T Washington Elementary School
Barbados Chess Federation
Qatar Chess Federation
Bahamas Chess Federation
Trinidad & Tobago Chess Association
Asian Chess Federation
Judit Polgar & Global Chess Festival

Pro Chess Training
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Key Features

Interactive Classroom

Chesslang has the most comprehensive online chess classroom that will keep your students engaged!

Online Tournaments & Simul

Run online tournaments in multiple formats and simultaneous exhibitions for your students with public live games broadcast for parents.

Game Area

Coaches and students can play friendly games anytime in the Game Area. 


With Chesslang, you can manage all your students and coaches in a single place. 

Assignments & Reports

Give homework problems or assignments to your students. Most importantly, track their performance! 

Curriculum Builder

Set up any curriculum of your choice

Custom Branding

Customize the public live page and board preferences to match your school brand.

Practice & Blindbot

Let your students practice by playing against the computer. 

Chesslang explained in 60 seconds

Case Studies

ISD 191.
School District in Minnesota

ISD191 School District and in Minnesota chose to run its entire school programs partnered with ISD 191 School District and created to run
all its school chess programs virtually. Over 22 coaches in 13 schools use the platform to
train the students.

Inter-schools district tournaments in Minnesota is run by using swiss and team formats in over 35 schools

35 schools

22 Coaches

Brian Ribnick, Chess co-ordinator ISD191

“The Ask feature is something I am using regularly and thoroughly
enjoy…it is really quite impressive and amazing! The Tournament
feature is VERY user friendly. Thanks for creating some powerful
tools for training”

Barbados Chess Federation Chose to grow chess in Barbados.

Ministry of sports in Barbados has made decision to use as an official platform for
conducting their National School Chess Programme under IM Terry Farley.

Qatar Federation, Bahamas, Trinidad & Tobago Federation chose Chesslang

Qatar Federation headed by Grandmaster Hicham, Bahamas, Trinidad & Tobago Federation has
integrated Chesslang into their federation website to train students in their country

Asian Chess Federation

Recently Asian Chess Federation has chosen as a partner to popularize chess
and create more academies in Asian countries.

World’s Best Female Chess Players uses for her Masterclasses

Online Only Chess Academy choses as it’s official training platform

Founded by the top Indian Grandmasters and renowned coaches GM R B Ramesh, GM Surya Sekhar
Ganguly and GM Magesh Pachanathan, Prochesstraining uses as their primary platform
to conduct online training, send assignments and run their internal chess tournaments.

20+ Indian Grandmasters

Group classes with an average of 80+ participants in each classroom

365 days of GM lessons