Teach in an online classroom integrated with Zoom!

All in one place

Now you and your students no longer have to juggle between your online classroom (chessboard) and Zoom app. We have integrated Zoom into Chesslang’s Classroom – so now you can manage everything in one place!

You can view and access the chessboard, Zoom video component, moves, leaderboard, classroom notes, and other tools in Chesslang Classroom 

All in one place! 

Conduct large classroom sessions with ease!

Simultaneous classrooms by multiple coaches (unique Zoom meetings)

Create meetings in the classroom instantly

Multiple views of participants: Gallery view, Speaker view, Fullscreen

Screen sharing option

Ease-of-use and intuitiveness

High-quality audio-video conferencing

Unique Zoom app for each coach in the academy

Do you have a group of coaches in your academy? Do your classes happen at the same time? The Chesslang-Zoom integration allows each user (coach) to set up their own, unique Zoom JWT App. Therefore, you all can have your own unique Zoom meetings for your classroom sessions without any collision!

Participants names automatically configured

Most importantly, as your students join the classroom, their names in the Zoom meeting are automatically picked up from their configured Chesslang usernames. 

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