Generate leads by conducting open chess classes and puzzle battles!

What are open classrooms?

An Open Classroom is a classroom that is open for ANYONE to join. In other words, it is like conducting an open online webinar or puzzle battle from your chess academy/club website!

You can share your open classroom link on social media, emails, your academy website, etc., and ANYONE can join with that link. The participants don’t have to be existing students/users of your platform.

Why open classrooms? Leads! Leads! Leads!

The answer is simple: More leads and visibility for your academy

As chess coaches, we all take classes for our academy students. But how cool would it be if someone (actually, anyone) can join your class by providing their email! 

Open classroom is a great way to attract new players to your academy, get more visibility, generate leads, and eventually convert them to your students. 

How is it different from streaming online?

If you are an active chess streamer, whether you are streaming on YouTube or Twitch, or any other platform, your audience cannot be a part of your classroom and there won’t be much of an interaction.

However, with Chesslang’s open classroom the session becomes much more lively and interactive. Here’s what you and your participants can do:

What can you do?

What can your participants do?

How does it work?

If you’re thinking “How exactly do I get leads?”, here’s how it works – just 6 steps

Step 1

We integrate the Chesslang platform
with your website

Step 2

You create an open classroom

Step 3

You share the public link and the passcode on social media and invite others to join

Step 4

Participants join your classroom by providing their name and email address

Step 5

After the classroom session is over, you can check the participants’ details

That's it

The leads are yours!

We’re here to help you get more LEADS and more VISIBILITY

Book your free demo with us and we’ll be happy to help you run your open classroom!