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Be in control from start to finish

Are your students tired of playing round after round, without any break in between? Have you ever wanted to conduct online swiss chess tournaments where you have 100% control? 

With Chesslang, you can conduct hassle-free swiss tournaments at your own pace. You can decide when to publish the pairings and when to start the round – cool, isn’t it!


Our pairings system will automatically compute the pairings for you. Once the players have joined the tournament, you can finalize them (lock players) to publish Round-1 pairings. 

You can select a rating system for the tournament (FIDE/USCF), so that the players will be seeded based on their ratings. For unrated tournaments, the players will be seeded in the alphabetical order of their names. 

Additionally, you have the privilege to edit the round results and even replay the games. You can also easily navigate between the rounds. With just a matter of clicks, you can proceed through all the rounds of the swiss tournament.




Challenge :

 George, a Chess Coach and a Tournament Organizer, wanted to conduct a tournament on his Academy’s Anniversary. He wanted to run the tournament the entire day, but with breaks in between the rounds. He couldn’t do it on the on-demand chess platforms. 

Solution :

I am a person who is fond of special days and anniversaries. I conduct monthly tournaments and special tournaments for my students. With Chesslang, I was able to run tournaments at my own, desired pace. My recent ‘Academy Day’ tournament was successful. Thanks to Chesslang, I was able to schedule my rounds properly, giving break times in between the rounds. My students really enjoyed the day and they are already asking for the next tournament.”

‘But, I want to conduct online rating tournaments…’

Say no more, we have got what you want. 🙂 Currently, we support all the rating formats of FIDE and USCF. They are:

  • FIDE Standard
  • FIDE Rapid
  • FIDE Blitz
  • USCF Regular
  • USCF Quick
  • USCF Blitz

You can seed the players based on their ratings by inputting their ratings. While creating the tournament, you can select any of these rating systems.


It could be a tiresome process to input ratings for all students. You can save a lot of time by letting our platform automatically update the live USCF ratings for your students. All you have to do is just input their official USCF IDs. Then, with just a click of a button, their live USCF ratings will be synchronized. 


Upon the tournament completion, you will be able to download the TRF/DBF file from the ‘Details’ tab of the tournament. You can then login to the FIDE/USCF Affiliate Support Area to upload the TRF/DBF file and submit the tournament report.

Go beyond Standard chess!

We are sure that you would have come across this thought “I want my students to learn this opening by playing lots of games in it”. If you haven’t, well, it’s time to explore that. 


With Chesslang, you can let your students play the tournament games from the standard initial position, or from a particular book opening, or even a particular position (custom FEN)

You can also go a step further and disable the draw and resign options for the players. You can encourage your students to play for a win by restricting them from asking for a draw and/or resigning the game. You can give it a cool name – for example, “No Draw Tournament”. 🙂

Promote your academy’s brand


One of the key aspects of Chesslang is that it is a white-labeled platform; we integrate it with YOUR chess academy website, for example, classroom.<yourwebsite>.com. 

With Chesslang’s Live X, you can share the public LIVE link with parents/others and invite them to watch the tournaments live from YOUR website. They might pass on the public link to their friends and ask them to watch their kids playing chess live. It’s a cascading effect for YOUR academy brand and a great way to gain a lot of traffic to your website.

Challenge: Emily is a parent who loves watching her 8-year-old daughter, Kate, play chess. She used to go with Kate for all her tournaments and spend the entire day with her. Now that the tournaments are conducted online due to the pandemic, she is unable to watch her daughter play while she is at work. 


I have missed watching my daughter play chess for a long time now. Thanks to Chesslang’s Live Broadcast, I can take short breaks from my work, and watch my daughter (at home) play online. I don’t know chess much, but sometimes I correctly guess that my daughter is going to win.”


Customize Public Live Page | Add Images | Add Links | Connect to Social Media

And while the parents watch the live games, you can also add some information/Ads about your academy – for instance, your academy logo, upcoming tournaments, special classes, coaching camps, etc. Additionally, you can add links to your social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube). 

‘I want to do it on my own’

Sure, you can do everything by yourself – you have 100% control over your tournaments! As the Tournament Director/Organiser/Coach, you can do the following:

Disconnections handled effectively

Are you worried that your students might get forfeited or lost on time for poor internet connection? Chesslang handles such situations smoothly and effectively.

In case a player gets disconnected during the game, we will try to reconnect the player every 15 seconds to see if the player is back online, until he/she is flagged out. The move made by the player while disconnected will be reverted if he/she is not connected back. 

On top of this, as a coach/TD/organizer, you can always let the player play the game from where it was left using the ‘Replay Game’ feature. By doing so, you can let the players play the game from its latest position and you can also assign time-control for the replay.


Challenge: Coach John has a lot of students who are very young (less than 10 years). Some of his students are in a remote town, where there is poor internet connection. Very often he would receive messages and complaints from their parents saying that their move was not reflected. And they even go to the extent of claiming the point or demand a fair replay of the game. 

Solution:I was tired of getting messages from my students’ parents asking for rematches and changing the game results. I was not able to do it in the traditional chess platforms. I am glad I found Chesslang. First, they notify the students when they get disconnected, so that they are aware of it. They also try to revert the student’s move back, which is great! Finally, I was able to handle a lot of ‘result conflicts’ by replaying the games again and editing the result. Yes, it’s like having a great magic wand of chess. ”

‘Does Chesslang have an Anti-Cheating mechanism?’

Yes, we do have a dedicated Anti-Cheating analysis engine that will analyze the games played in the tournament. At the end of the tournament, you can see the ‘Accuracy %’ metric for each player and know about the accuracy of their moves with respect to engine moves. 

Therefore, you will be able to spot unusual patterns, for instance, if an average player has a greater Accuracy %.

Spread the word about YOUR tournaments

After the completion of the final round, you and your students will see a graphical representation of the tournament’s final standings with the winners being highlighted and a confetti animation in the background.

The top-3 winners will be highlighted with the traditional Gold, Silver, and Bronze trophies, respectively. Also, everyone gets a mini trophy as well, as an appreciation for participating in the tournament. This way, we ensure that nobody feels left out. 🙂 

You can also download the final standings as an image (JPEG format) to share it with the parents and post it on social media. This will be a great way to spread the word about your academy and your tournaments.