Snap diagrams from PDFs
& load positions instantly!

PDF to Board within seconds

PDF to Board
within seconds

Do you use chess PDFs/e-books as reference materials while teaching your students? We know the struggle of setting up those positions on the board manually. If you feel it’s mundane too, you’re going to love this! 

This new feature in Chesslang lets you load chess PDFs (e-books) to your online classroom, snap chess diagrams, and automatically load those positions onto the chessboard!

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AI in chess at its best

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in chess has been booming ever since the 1990s when chess engines started defeating grandmasters and the best players in the world. 


Chesslang’s PDF snapping tool applies intelligence and automatically converts the image to a chess position. The success rate has been great and will only continue to improve! 

How it works

Snap from any page

You can navigate through the uploaded PDF easily and go to any page number quickly. 

Ability to customize the position

You can also customize the snapped position if needed. If you wish to make changes to the position, add/remove pieces, set castling rules, set turn to play – all that can be done. 

Coaches around the world love it!

Chess coaches from around the world love this feature and have shared their feedback.

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