Global leaderboard - Puzzles and Tournament

Let your friends, family, fans and students participate in global events from your own chess academy mobile app. Chess clubs, schools and academies from 68+ countries battle in puzzle contest and tournaments.

Why participate ?

As a chess academy, you get more visibility and leads when people find your academy and download your app.
You will also get marketing materials from us. 

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How to participate ?

You will receive daily and weekly battles in your academy app where your members can participate in.

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Benefits of Mobile App

Increases your student base

Every download of the app is a potential lead for your chess academy.

Increase student engagement

Conduct puzzle battles among students with points and leaderboard.

Hybrid learning model

Teach online with enhanced classroom experience or share self paced courses or assignments.

Structured Training

Completely customizable and Pre-built curriculum with 5+ levels, 150+ lessons and 1500+ activities.