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    If you want to manually pair your students to play casual/friendly games in the Game Area, you can do that by clicking the ‘Create Pairings‘ button at the top right:

    After clicking that, you will see a pop-up where you have to select the game settings and create pairings by selecting your students:

    • Set the time control
    • Allow Resign/Draw – draw and resign options for students. When unchecked, your students won’t be able to ask draw and resign games (same as allow/disallow draw and resign in tournaments – LINK)
    • Initial Position – to set a custom initial position (learn more)
    • Select the White and Black players from the drop-down
    • Click ‘Add Pairing‘ to add more set of players – you can create a maximum of 25 pairings (i.e. pair 50 players) at a time
    • Click ‘Delete’ action if you want to delete a pairing
    • Finally, click ‘Start Games‘ to start the games. Once done, the game will be loaded for your students. Therefore, ensure that your students are ready online before starting the games.

    Below is an example:

    Once the games have started, you can watch the games live by going to the ‘Live Games‘ tab. Learn more about watching the games live here – LINK.

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