Create Your Own Chess Coaching Mobile App In Under 60 Seconds!

You can get new student leads whenever someone downloads your app

Inbuilt customisable activity based curriculum (ABC) for chess

Explanation activity

Explain the student about a concept or an activity

Capture activity

Helps beginner to learn basic concepts by capturing pieces

Puzzle Activity

Helps students learn by solving tactics or key moves from a given position

MCQ Activity

Learn by answering multiple choice questions

Play with computer

Helps students learn a concept by playing with the computer. Example – check with the rook (or) Lucena rook endings

Much More...

More activities added every month!

Learn ,Solve & Play

Why Mobile app?

Increases your student base

Every download of the app is a potential lead for your chess academy.

Hybrid learning model

Teach online with enhanced classroom experience or share self paced courses or assignments.

Structured Training

Completely customizable and Pre-built curriculum with 5+ levels, 150+ lessons and 1500+ activities.

Increase student engagement

Conduct puzzle battles among students with points and leaderboard.