Manage your sub-coaches more effectively

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Five Key features of chesslang to manage your Sub-Coach

Losing track of students assigned?

 In Chesslang, you can invite your colleagues to join your academy, and then assign students and student groups to them. At any point in time, you can remove the mapping of a student or a student group to the coaches. 

Losing track of classes taken?

With Chesslang, you can filter the list of classes conducted by each sub-coach in your academy. You can also use the date filter to know how many classes they conducted in a week, or month, or any time period. 

Losing track of the class duration?

The ideal solution is to have a proper system that keeps an entry of the classes conducted by your sub-coaches. And Chesslang gives you just that! In addition to the number of classes taken, you can also see the duration of each class, students invited to the class, students attended, absentees, etc.

Losing track of class details (topics covered, classroom materials, notes, etc.)?

We’ve made the job easier for you – during the class, your coaches can write notes for students and themselves. After the class is over, you can find these notes in the class details. You can also find other details like the positions used by the coach in the class, questions asked, students’ attendance, and leaderboard statistics to see who performed well in the class.

Losing track of materials (databases) shared ?

Our comprehensive database feature allows you to manage all of this efficiently. You can organize databases in folders. And you can share folders and databases with your coaches with restricted access – you can allow/disallow them to edit and/or download the games. 

Additionally, you can also share the studies you have created with your coaches with read-only access. And they can simply use it for their quizzes. 

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