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The White-Label Magic

The white-labeled platform (i.e. that chess platform under your own website) can do magic for you! Below are some examples:

Learn how Terrian Chess Academy’s founder Brian Kidula launched his own chess platform by integrating with Chesslang and got support from Kenyan Government for this initiative.

Read the story of how Nigeria’s number chess player, international master, Daniel Anwuli has concluded plans for maiden online chess classes for students during COVID-19 lockdown.

Features - What Can You Do with the Platform?

Tournaments | Classroom | Assignments | Game Room | Database | Blindfold | Practice | Analyze Games

Get 50 FREE accounts to run your next tournament & Online Class *


Swiss Format | Quad Format | Round-Robin Format | Public LIVE | Anti-Cheating | Online Ratings | Auto-Save Games

Public LIVE

With Chesslang’s Live X, you can share the public LIVE link with parents/others and invite them to watch the tournament live from YOUR website. They might pass on the public link to their friends and ask them to watch their kids playing chess live. It’s a cascading effect for YOUR academy brand and a great way to gain a lot of traffic to your website. 

And while they watch the live games, you can also add some information/Ads about your Academy – for instance, your Academy logo, upcoming tournaments, special classes, coaching camps, etc. Additionally, you can add links to your social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube).

Automated Pairings

The pairings will be generated automatically for you. Nevertheless, you have control to remove players from the pairings (and hence the tournament) by changing their status. Tournaments also support late-joiners and exit – BYE points will be given accordingly for rounds the players were absent.

Get 50 FREE accounts to run your next tournament & Online Class *

Formats & Themes

Conduct online chess tournaments in multiple formats: Swiss, Quad, and Round-Robin. You can also let the students play from the standard initial position, or a particular book opening, or form a specific position (custom FEN). 


We have a dedicated Anti-Cheating analysis engine that will analyze the games played in the tournament. At the end of the tournament, you can see the ‘Accuracy %’ metric for each player and know about the accuracy of their moves with respect to the engine moves (Engine Move vs Player Move) 

Therefore, you will be able to spot unusual patterns, for instance, if an average player has a greater Accuracy %.

Online Ratings

We currently support FIDE & USCF Ratings. Upon the tournament completion, download the TRF/DBF and upload it to the federation website for rating updates. 

Games Auto-Saved

The tournament games are automatically saved to the database, which you can later use for analysis. 

Edit Results & Replay Games

You also have control to change the round results. And in situations where a player has a poor internet connection and is forfeited, you can replay games from where it was left, from its last-known position. 


Integrated Audio-Video | Interactive Board | Students Responses | Reference Materials | Blind Mode | Download PGN

Integrated Audio-Video

Conduct individual and group classes online with integrated audio-video. You have control over muting/unmuting the participants. Participants can ‘raise their hands’, ask for permission to speak, so that you have an interrupted online session.

Interactive Board

Keep your classes interactive and fun by using the interactive live chessboard. The moves and changes made to the board are synced immediately to the students. You can draw arrows, highlight squares, setup position, show/hide moves, show pawn structures, and even go crazy with the ‘Toggle Illegal’ feature, where you can move pieces anywhere – useful to teach the absolute beginners.

Blind Mode

You can hide the pieces for your students using the ‘Blind Mode’ and ask them to visualize positions. This is a great way to enhance their calculation and visualization skills.

Students Responses

When you make the class interactive by asking them questions, you probably wouldn’t want the brilliant kid to reveal the answer to newbies. To solve this, students can send their responses/answers to you in private such that other students cannot see them. 

Reference Material

You can refer to your teaching materials during the online session. Your students won’t be able to see them. You can also quickly load a position and/or load a game from your reference materials to the live board.

Download PGN

Had a wonderful online session, but also want to save the training material/game for reuse? You can download the game with just a click! 


Tailor-made Homework | Schedule Assignments | Track Progress | Reports

Tailor-made Homework

Give tailor-made homework problems for your students to solve. You can also pick from our public database that has been curated into easy, medium, and hard levels of difficulty. 

Schedule Assignments

Schedule your assignments in advance and they will be assigned automatically to your students on the selected dates. 

Progress & Report

Keep track of your students’ progress on the assignments. Go beyond just seeing if they have solved – get detailed insights on the time taken for each attempt and see your students’ incorrect attempts. 

Game Room

  • You and your students can play casual/friendly games in the “Game Area” with varying time controls.
  • The games are also auto-saved for analysis. You can download the PGN anytime.


  • Let your students master the must-know positions and checkmating patterns by playing them against the engine, repeatedly.
  • You can also create your own custom drills for your students to practice.

Analyze Games

  • Want to load a game quickly? Want to analyze a position? Want to share the game with someone in your Academy? You and your students can use the “Board” to quickly load a chessboard and feed a game or setup a position.
  • You can also make use of the paste PGN feature to load an entire game onto the board. 
  • Games fed can be saved to the Database for sharing and collaboration.

Get 50 FREE accounts to run your next tournament & Online Class *


  • Your students can share their tournament games with you by uploading the PGN to the database and sharing it with you.
  • You can annotate their games and the changes will be automatically reflected. You can also share some training games with your students and collaborate.
  • See a quick preview of a game from the list of games. You can also use the engine analysis for the database games. 
  • Download hundreds and thousands of games as PGN with just a click.


  • With the “Blindbot”, your students can improve their calculation and visualization skills by playing blindfold chess against the computer with different levels of difficulty – easy, medium, and hard.
  • They can also see the piece positions by ‘revealing the chessboard’, try to visualize it for some seconds, and go ‘Blind Mode’ again. 
  • Alternatively, students can see the moves shown on the scoresheet to help recollect the moves.