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    You can create manual pairings for your students play casual/friendly games in the Bughouse Chess variant in Game Area.

    What is Bughouse chess?

    Bughouse chess is a variant that is played by 4 players – two teams of two players each. Players in the same team play opposite colors and when they capture their opponent’s piece on the board, the player can pass the captured piece to his/her partner.

    The partner can keep that piece reserved for later. At any point during the game, they can place the reserve piece on the board (called as “dropping” a piece) and use it to their advantage! You may like to read our article about this here.

    Create Bughouse pairing

    To create a new Bughouse game for your students, click the “Create Bughouse” button at the top-right in Game Area.

    After that, select the time-control along with increment, and select four players (two in a team). Finally, click “Start Games” when your students are online and ready to play the game.

    Once started, you can see both the games in the “Live Games” tab.

    To know how your students can play Bughouse chess and how it works, click here.

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