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    After you have created a Bughouse pairing and the games have started, your students will see both their board and their partner’s board. As they capture pieces and pawns, they will be shown as “Reserve Pieces” for their partner to drop them (use them) on their board.

    1) Reserve pieces

    In the below example, you can see the reserve pieces shown for the players alongside their boards:

    The number on the piece indicates the piece count. Therefore in the above example, Alex has two knights and two pawns as his reserve pieces.

    2) Dropping a reserve piece

    At any point during the game, a player can drop any of his/her reserve pieces on the board on his turn (following the rules of dropping a reserve piece).

    In the below example, you can see the player dropping a pawn on the board to trap the bishop. Also notice that the count of pawns is reduced from 2 to 1.

    3) Chat with partner

    The players can also communicate with their partner by sending text messages. Chat is shown separately for the two teams. So the players in Team-A cannot see the messages of Team-B.

    Below, you can see that Hayden seeing Jim’s message:

    4) Game termination

    The match ends when the game on either board ends.

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