Payments & Fees

Streamline Financial Processes with Ease

Digital Receipts & Records

  • Go paperless with digital receipts and records for every transaction. 
  • Access digital receipts conveniently and avoid the hassle of paper printouts. 
  • Organize financial records effortlessly, ensuring a clutter-free administrative environment.

Automated Transactions

  • Streamline financial processes with automated transactions for increased efficiency. 
  • Eliminate manual intervention, reduce errors, and ensure a smooth financial workflow. 
  • Experience the convenience of automated transactions that enhance overall financial efficiency.

Secure Fee Collection

  • Revolutionize your academy’s financial health with our secure payments feature. 
  • Collect fees with confidence, utilizing our robust and secure payment processing infrastructure. 
  • Eliminate concerns about transaction security and provide a seamless payment experience.

Global Payment Gateways

  • Connect with global payment gateways like Stripe, Razorpay, and more. 
  • Expand your reach and offer international students a hassle-free payment experience. 
  • Our platform supports diverse payment gateways for a globally accessible financial solution.

Customizable Invoicing

  • Tailor your invoices to suit your academy’s branding and communication style. 
  • Create customized invoices with ease, enhancing the professionalism of your financial interactions.
  • Customize invoice reminder settings as per your needs. Set multiple reminders for all invoices with ease.
  • detailed tracking notes.

Subscription Management

  • Effortlessly manage subscriptions, recurring fee invoices, and ad-hoc billing. 
  • Enable automated subscription processes for a smooth and uninterrupted revenue stream. 
  • Our platform provides comprehensive subscription management tools for sustained financial success.

Efficient Fee Tracking

  • Track fees efficiently with our user-friendly interface and reporting tools. 
  • Access insightful reports on fee collections, outstanding payments, and financial health. 
  • Empower your administrators with comprehensive tools for efficient fee tracking.