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Chesslang solves problems beyond training 

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“Chesslang is an amazing and must have platform for every single chess coach. I think you guys have revolutionised chess coaching industry!”

Akshat Kamparia
International Master

“Finally a single platform where a chess coach can manage, track and coach their students with ease.Wishing Chesslang team, all Success!”

karthikeyan Pandian


Chesslang is a platform for chess academies. Every chess academies manages multiples students and would need a platform for training, administration and management. Chess is an all in one swiss army knife with tools that helps you with training your students, storing games, conducting events, managing payments, managingmultiple coaches and much more in a box. 


On average students take classes once or twice a week. You might be sharing tactics to solve as homework during academy off days either through email or WhatsApp or sometimes in papers. 

With Chesslang, the coach can share homework and students can solve them within the platform. Bonus, the coach can track all the right and wrong responses of the students within the platform. See the trend of how your academy students are solving overtime.

Yes . You can coach one or multiple students in the same session realtime with live board, chat and audio experience.

We integrate a completely white-labeled platform under coaching.yourwebsite.com and the integration takes only 5 mins with simple instructions.

We will provide you a website free of cost for all our Gold, Platinum and Diamond customers ( refer pricing section to know about our packages). For a preview of sample website, check -> mychesslang.com 

Students can solve homework, practice positions, Join live coaching session with the coach, Play with other students in the academy, Play blindfold chess and more..

Yes. Only Intra academy games are allowed. See who is online, invite, play!

Yes!. Not just store but share it with you for analysis. And you can do the same too !

No issues. Drop an email to support@shortcastle.com and expect a tada reply !







Sharing screen ? . Calling in skype ? .

No longer do you need those boring, non-interactive modes.

Use Chesslang-LIVE, Audio-video classroom with real time chessboard, chat, analysis and more..

Let your academy students play against each other.

All games are stored for analysis.

Now you have enough data to gauge the playing style of your student

Share tactics to your students . Pick tactics from our database or upload your own)

See how your students are solving the tactics. What's the point in seeing if they have solved ? - You can see all their bad attempts as well.

Overtime. Do you see a pattern why they lose ?

Share tournament games (Well any game for that matter) with your coach.

Share games with your students (May be opening preparation? )

Upload, click, share and collaborate. It's as simple as that!


"Biggest process improvement of the year 2018 from unique chess academy
We are extremely happy to collaborate with Chesslang
who is providing a platform for day to day activities of unique chess"

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There’s no longer a need to pay for multiple tools. Chesslang is an all in one Swiss Army Knife for chess academies