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The White-Label Magic

The white-labeled platform (i.e. that chess platform under your own website) can do magic for you! Below are some examples:

Learn how Terrian Chess Academy’s founder Brian Kidula launched his own chess platform by integrating with Chesslang and got support from Kenyan Government for this initiative.

Read the story of how Nigeria’s number chess player, international master, Daniel Anwuli has concluded plans for maiden online chess classes for students during COVID-19 lockdown. 


What Can You Do with the Platform?

Tournaments | Classroom | Assignments | Game Room | Database | Blindfold | Practice | Analyze Games

Get 50 FREE accounts to run your next tournament & Online Class *


Swiss Format | Quad Format | Round-Robin Format | Public LIVE | Anti-Cheating | Online Ratings | Auto-Save Games


Integrated Audio-Video | Interactive Board | Students Responses | Reference Materials | Blind Mode | Download PGN


Tailor-made Homework | Schedule Assignments | Track Progress | Reports

Game Room

  • You and your students can play casual/friendly games in the “Game Area” with varying time controls.
  • The games are also auto-saved for analysis. You can download the PGN anytime.


  • Let your students master the must-know positions and checkmating patterns by playing them against the engine, repeatedly.
  • You can also create your own custom drills for your students to practice.

Analyze Games

  • Want to load a game quickly? Want to analyze a position? Want to share the game with someone in your Academy? You and your students can use the “Board” to quickly load a chessboard and feed a game or setup a position.
  • You can also make use of the paste PGN feature to load an entire game onto the board. 
  • Games fed can be saved to the Database for sharing and collaboration.

Get 50 FREE accounts to run your next tournament & Online Class *


  • Your students can share their tournament games with you by uploading the PGN to the database and sharing it with you.
  • You can annotate their games and the changes will be automatically reflected. You can also share some training games with your students and collaborate.
  • See a quick preview of a game from the list of games. You can also use the engine analysis for the database games. 
  • Download hundreds and thousands of games as PGN with just a click.


  • With the “Blindbot”, your students can improve their calculation and visualization skills by playing blindfold chess against the computer with different levels of difficulty – easy, medium, and hard.
  • They can also see the piece positions by ‘revealing the chessboard’, try to visualize it for some seconds, and go ‘Blind Mode’ again. 
  • Alternatively, students can see the moves shown on the scoresheet to help recollect the moves