Grow your chess academy with your branded mobile app

What Comes With Your Academy’s App?

1. Complete & Structured Chess Curriculum (4 Levels)

Your students can learn from the world’s first Activity-Based Curriculum (ABC) that has 4 learning levels – from newbie to advanced.

2. Chess Quizzes

Test your students’ knowledge by giving them chess quizzes as assignments. You can create quizzes with your own materials or from our public studies that are customizable.

3. Play with Computer

Anyone who downloads your academy app can play with computers/bots of 20 levels of difficulty.

Coming Soon!!!

Solve Global Quizzes

Your students and others can solve daily and weekly global chess quizzes from your academy’s mobile app!

Compete in Global Leaderboard

Users can compete with chess players around the world in the global leaderboard!

Participate in Global Tournaments

Your students will also be able to participate in global tournaments and play with anyone from around the world!

Conduct Academy Tournaments

Your students will be able to play your academy Swiss and Quad tournaments from the mobile app.

Play with Friends (Game Area)

Your academy students will be able to play friendly games with each other.

Create Your Own Courses!

In addition to the free courses we provide you with, you can create your own chess courses for your students (and other users of the app) from your academy’s web platform!