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    You and your students can invite each other for a casual/friendly game in the “Game Area“.

    Under the “Students” tab, you will see the players/students who are online. Simply click on the “Invite” button to invite them to a game.

    In the pop-up that appears upon clicking “Invite”, you can set your preferences: the color you want to play with, time-control with increment, and the initial position for the game.

    By default, the initial position will be the standard initial position. If you want to play the game with a different initial position (for example, ‘Pawns only game’ or ‘Minor pieces game’), click the “Setup Position” button. To learn more about setting up initial position, click here.

    Click “OK” to send the game invite to the other player.

    And the other player will see the game invite at the top right, as shown below:

    After the other player accepts the invite, the game will be loaded for both the players.

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