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    In tournaments, we run an automatic engine analysis for all the games immediately after they are completed. We compare the moves played by the players against the engine moves, i.e. seeing how accurate their moves are.

    NOTE: These metrics are visible ONLY to you. Your students will NOT see them.

    How does it look?

    As a coach, you will notice the engine analysis metric for each player, for all the games, in the ‘Pairings’ tab.

    In the above example, 18 moves (out of 30 moves) played by Adam match with the engine’s first choice. When you hover your mouse over this metric, you will see more details, as shown below:

    As you can see above, the player’s move matching with the engine’s top-3 moves are shown. Also, you will see the total moves analyzed (compared with the engine), which is 30/47 in the above example.

    Why not all the moves are compared with the engine?

    We don’t compare all the player moves with the engine moves because there would be positions where the player had to make forced moves. For example, moving the king in case of a check or taking a piece/pawn back to avoid losing material. Such obvious/forced moves are excluded from the comparison. That is why in the above example, for Adam, only 30 moves, out of the total 47 moves played in the game, are compared with the engine.

    Highlighting higher match %

    When at least 80% of the moves made by the player match with the engine’s first choice, it will be highlighted in red colour, as shown below:

    In the above example, all the 11 moves (played by Adam) taken for comparison match with the engine’s first choice, thereby achieving a 100% match. That is why it is highlighted in red colour. This way, you can easily identify players who are playing more accurately.

    Important note

    During this process, we ONLY compare the moves made by the user with the engine’s top-3 choices and say how many of them match. We do NOT say that the user took computer assistance while playing.

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