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    To conduct team tournaments, make sure that you have created the teams already. Teams are the student groups you create in the “Academy” section. To learn more about creating student groups, click here.

    1) Choose the format ‘Swiss Team’

    After creating the teams, go to the “Tournaments” section to create a new tournament. Then choose the format “Swiss Team”, as shown below:

    2) Teams and aggregate score

    In the final step, add teams as participants of the tournament by clicking the ‘Add Team‘ button. Then, determine the number of players for team aggregate score (default 3).

    What is the team aggregate score?

    The team aggregate score is the total points score by the top ‘X’ players of each team. You have to enter the value of ‘X’ in this field. For example, if the value is 3, then the sum of points scored by the top-3 players of each team will be the teams’ aggregated score. This is used to determine the team rankings.

    Important notes:

    1. Each team should have a minimum of ‘X’ players.
    2. The maximum value you can set for ‘X’ is the maximum number of students in the smallest team.
    3. At least ‘X’ players should join the tournament from each team.
    4. A player cannot be in more than one group/team. That is, the teams have to be unique.

    3) Adding teams

    Adding teams as participants

    And when a player is part of more than one team (i.e. more than one group), you can add only one of those teams. For example, if a player is present in both “Team-A” and “Team-E”, and you’ve already added “Team-A”, you won’t be able to add “Team-E” unless you remove that player from one of those teams.

    After adding all the necessary teams as participants of the tournament, click ‘Create‘ to create the tournament. You can also ‘Delete’ a team if you have added it by mistake.

    You can learn more about how the team tournaments work here.

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