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    Team Tournaments is a regular Swiss format tournament (players play against each other individually), but the players within a team won’t be paired against each other. And the top-X players of each team will be considered to calculate the team’s aggregate score, which will be used for team rankings. You can learn more about team aggregate score here.

    1) Teams – Players

    After you have created a team tournament and the players have joined, you can find the team split-up in the ‘Players‘ tab:

    2) Pairings

    As said above, the players within the same team won’t be paired against each other. In our example, “Team-A” had players with names starting with ‘A’ and “Team-D” had players with names starting with ‘J’. You can notice in the below image that the players within the same team are not paired:

    3) Teams Rankings

    After each round, the team rankings is determined by the aggregated score of the top-X (default 3) players of the teams. You can find it under the ‘Team Rankings‘ tab of the tournament:

    You can click the little ‘+’ icon on the left side of each team to see the expanded view of the top-X players of that team. “Team-D” has a total of 6 points because the top-3 players of that team each scored 2 points, and hence the aggregated score. The tie-breaks (TB1, TB2, and TB3) of the teams are the sum of the individual tie-breaks of the top-X players.

    Note: Only top-3 players are selected for each team because we gave this value when creating the tournament. At any point, you can check this value in the ‘Details‘ tab:

    4) Teams Standings

    After all rounds are completed, you can check the final team standings under the ‘Team Standings‘ tab:

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