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The Mini Habit Method: Coach Johnson’s Proven Approach to Improving Chess Performance

Once upon a time, there was a chess coach named Mr. Johnson who taught at a local chess academy. His students ranged from beginners to advanced players, but they all had one thing in common: they all wanted to improve their game.

One day, as Mr. Johnson was wrapping up a lesson on tactics and strategy, he noticed that some of his students were feeling discouraged. They had been working hard, but they still weren’t seeing the results they wanted. So, Mr. Johnson decided to share a secret with them that he believed could make all the difference: the power of mini habits.

“Do you know what a mini habit is?” Mr. Johnson asked his students. They all shook their heads. “A mini habit is a small, manageable action that you can do every day to create a larger, long-term habit. In other words, it’s a baby step toward a big goal.”

The students were intrigued. They had never heard of this before, and they wanted to know more. So, Mr. Johnson continued. “For example, let’s say you want to improve your chess game. One mini habit you could start with is to spend just five minutes a day studying tactics. That’s it. Just five minutes. But, if you do it every day, I promise you, you will see an improvement in your game.”

The students were skeptical at first, but Mr. Johnson explained that the power of mini habits lies in the fact that they are so small and manageable that they don’t require a lot of motivation or willpower. “The key is to start small and make it a non-negotiable part of your day, like brushing your teeth or having breakfast. Once it becomes a habit, you can start to increase the time and effort you put into it.”

So, Mr. Johnson challenged his students to start with just five minutes of chess study every day for the next week. They agreed, and at the end of the week, they all reported back to Mr. Johnson with great news: they had not only stuck to their five minutes of study, but they had also found themselves wanting to study more.

From that day on, Mr. Johnson’s students continued to adopt mini habits into their chess routine, and they saw their skills and confidence improve dramatically. They learned that even the smallest of steps, taken consistently, could lead to big results.

And that’s the story of how Mr. Johnson introduced his students to the power of mini habits and how it helped them achieve their chess goals.

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