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The World’s First Chess Coaching Management Platform

The past two years have seen a massive upwards spike in the popularity of Chess. It all started with a few masters of the game, streaming on Twitch and YouTube, trying to spread the game and make it more fun.

Online chess has now become the most popular form of chess for streaming as well as for top-level tournaments. It has gained popularity because it is more accessible, fun, and has a fantastic community around it. 

But there is one thing that online chess is missing.

Even though you can play unlimited games for free online players have difficulty understanding the mistakes in their games. 

Bridging this gap is a major challenge for chess coaches as well, as they have the chess knowledge but they are unable to build the perfect chess coaching platform. If you are a chess coach, it’s very difficult to find the right tools to set up for your own online chess academy where you can teach your students.

(Explore the exciting possibilities of online chess coaching with Chesslang)

What Is Chesslang? 

This is the exact problem Chesslang solves. Chesslang is the world’s first chess coaching management platform that allows you to run a fully-fledged online chess coaching academy straight from your website, within two minutes. 

Yes, you read that right! Once you have joined Chesslang, you can start teaching your students within minutes. We ensure that our chess coaching management platform is integrated within your primary website. 

(Chesslang directly integrates with your website, within minutes of signing up)

At Chesslang we have realized there is a substantial gap between the number of chess coaches and the number of online coaching academies. The past two years have shown us the full potential of online chess and made us realize that online chess academies are the way of the future. 

Chesslang is building a seamless platform for coaches to teach and grow their online academies. One coach at a time. 

(The Chesslang dashboard has every feature you will ever need for chess coaching, and then some more just for good measure)

What Separates Chesslang From The Other Chess Playing Platforms?

Chesslang is a coaches-first platform. Every single element of Chesslang is designed for the coaches. To make the online coaching experience seamless, fun, and engaging. 

As the name implies, Chesslang serves as a platform for chess schools. This all-in-one swiss army knife has all the tools to help you train your pupils, run tournaments, store games, manage several coaches, and much more in one place.

The most significant difference between Chesslang and other coaching platforms is that students will use your academy/club website for training and playing activities. This will help you increase your academy’s brand value and reach more potential students and grow your business. 

The Future of Chess Coaching

The last two years have shown us that online chess is here to stay. And therefore the future of coaching is also online. 

Today’s chess coaches must adapt fast to the online chess revolution and they must build online chess academies to grow their chess academy, improve their reach, and grow their brand value. 

Online coaching has several benefits over its offline counterparts. Such as: they are more convenient, more accessible, can have a wider reach, and also have better-integrated chess coaching features. This is why more and more coaches every day move their chess academies to Chesslang

If you are a chess coach looking to grow your chess academy, consider checking out our chess coaching management platform by Booking A Free Demo Here –

Freqyently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q. What is Chesslang and how is it different from other playing platforms?
A. The first and foremost difference is that your students will log in to your academy/club website for training and playing activities, and not It is a platform for chess academies and An all-in-one Swiss army knife with tools that help you with training your students, conducting tournaments, storing games, managing multiple coaches, and much more in a box.

Q. How can I integrate Chesslang with my academy website?
A. Reach out to us, we will integrate a completely white-labelled platform under The integration takes only 5 minutes with simple instructions.

Q. How can I teach my students online using Chesslang?
A. With Chesslang’s Classroom, you can conduct individual or group classes and stay connected with your students through the built-in audio-video call. The real-time chessboard and tools to highlight squares, draw arrows, highlight pawn structures, etc. help you in teaching your students effectively. You can also send animated expressions, ask your students questions, and reward them with points to boost engagement.

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