Why do chess coaches love Chesslang’s new Classroom?

Chesslang’s Classroom feature allows chess coaches to conduct online classes for their students, both individual and group classes. A few months ago, we introduced “Chesslang ASK” – a way for chess coaches to ask their students questions, reward them with points for solving the problems correctly, and a real-time leaderboard of points that yields active participation from students. 

In this article, we will see the reasons why chess coaches around the world love the new version of Classroom, V2 (version 2). 

1) Resizable components

Chesslang’s Classroom V2 provides chess coaches with a better user experience, as it allows them to resize the components as they wish. The main board, audio-video call, and the tabs section on the right side – everything can be resized. 

2) Easy navigation through Reference materials

One of the top features that chess coaches love about Chesslang’s Classroom is the Reference section, which allows them to refer to their materials without the students seeing them. With just a few clicks, coaches can load their database games or problems onto the main board, or even ask a question from the puzzle. 

3) Draw Arrows and Highlight Squares made easy

Now chess coaches can draw arrows and highlight squares (in multiple colors) by simply right-clicking on their mouse. Teaching without a mouse? The quick-tools below the board or the shortcut key ‘a’ can be used to draw arrows, as well. 

4) Quick access for students to make moves

At any time during the class, if the coach wants to give access for a student to make moves on the board (for example, to play a mini-game from a position), it can be done easily by choosing between White, Black, or both. 

5) Bigger coordinates for kids

We have increased the size of the board coordinates so that it is easier for kids or beginners to see them. 

6) Quick-search a student

It is important for a coach to see the list of students who are online and attending the class. The list can be too big for larger group classes, and that’s where the search option comes in handy. The coach can quickly search for a student and see if he or she is online. 

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