What learning can chess coaches apply from shoe salesman story ?

Once upon a time, a shoe company sent two salesmen to Africa to determine the market potential for their products. One salesman was sent to the east coast of Africa, while the other salesman was sent to the west coast of Africa. Both the salesmen completed a basic survey of the target market and called back to the office. The salesman sent to the east coast of Africa reported “No one here wears any shoes, there is no market for us here!”. The other salesman sent a message “No one here wears any shoes, there is a huge market for us, send inventory fast!”.

This story applies to chess coaches who often complain that there is no chess activity in their region and want to move to a city where there is action.

Be the king where there is no king.

I have seen several academies who are doing exceptionally well in the areas where there was zero chess presence. Do not get dejected with initial slowness. You will be a leader when things churn out well.

Setup an academy in NO COACH land. Take risk if you want rewards

Do your research, travel, and stay in a new land for a month or two and conquer chess coaching in that region. It will help if you learn how to set up businesses in the land that you are not familiar with. Recruit local coaches in the area and train them regularly to run the academy in your absence.

Build a network with schools, colleges, businesses, and corporates in the region. Networking will not always result in business. Be patient and make your moves consistently.

Invest in internet marketing.

Learn or outsource your marketing efforts, but you can’t ignore this. Choose your region smartly, and do not try to conquer the entire world. Run regional targetted ads. You will be successful!