Chesslang Expressions: Send animated expressions with custom messages!

Who else here is racking their brain on how to make their online group classes more interesting and fun? Rack no more! We’ve launched Chesslang Expressions – a tool that lets you send animated expressions with custom text messages to your students during online group classes.

One of the biggest tasks you would do as a chess coach during an online group class is to keep your students engaged. With “Chesslang Expressions”, you can redefine the way you appreciate your students. Now you can combine the power of your words like “Great move, John!” or “Well done, kids!” and the cool animations. 

Our animation palette has common use-cases like clap, thumbs-up, confetti shower, and trophy. There’s also a collection of cartoon characters and fun animations that kids love! Let’s discuss how you can use them effectively in your classroom.

1) Big trophy

The big trophy animations are great to start with. When you appreciate your students with a trophy and a “Great job!” message, they will love it!  

2) Sweeten it a little

Sometimes you can be extra sweet with your animations… and we mean it literally. 🙂 You can grab the attention of your kids with our cool KitKat and ice cream animations.

3) Chess with Cartoon

Teaching kids who love cartoon characters? Then you should definitely try out character animations. 

4) Clap your hands

Another cool way to appreciate your kids is by using the clap-hands animation. Who wouldn’t love to hear their coach say “Well done!”! 🙂 

5) Give a Star/Crown

Let’s not forget the classic appreciation of giving stars to the kids who performed well. Make use of your cool star and crown animations to give your kids a top-notch affirmation. 

Want to learn about more cool stuff in Chesslang Classroom? Watch this 1-minute video. Like what you see? Book your complete Chesslang demo here.