Match and Watch

Create manual pairings
watch your students
play live!

Want to pair your students for casual games?

Create manual pairings on the fly!

Do you ask your students to play casual/friendly games at your academy or club? You would manually pair them by telling them who they’re playing against, right?

With Chesslang, you could do the same online, and you have 100% control! With just a few clicks, you can create the pairings manually. 

Create up to 25 pairings (pair 50 students) at a time

Set the time control

Allow/Disallow students to offer draw

Allow/Disallow students to resign

Start multiple games at a time!

Want to see how your students play?

Watch all the games live with a
multi-board view!

If you’re like most chess coaches, you would want to see how all your students are playing.

After starting the games, you can quickly switch to the ‘Live Games’ tab and see all the live games simultaneously.

“Are the
games saved
for analysis?”

All students’ games
are saved in the
Game History!

Encourage students to fight till the end!

Restrict them from offering draw
and resigning the game

Do your students lack motivation? Do they often agree to draw and/or resign the game for just losing a pawn or a piece? How to encourage them to play till the end?

You can do that by disabling the draw and/or resign options. This way, your students have to play the game till the end. 

Students can play from ANY device!

Our platform works on all devices. Your students can play from their mobile phones, laptops, and even tablets! 

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