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    To connect with your students via a audio-video call during the class, nsure that you have created the Classroom (Session) with type “New Video (Beta)“, as shown below:

    1) Start video call

    After that, click “Start video call“.

    2) View full screen

    To view full screen video of your students, click on the options icon and click ‘View full screen‘, as shown below:

    After that, you will see a full screen as shown below:

    3) Share your screen

    If you want to share your screen, click the monitor icon at the bottom-left. You can learn more about sharing your screen and the various options here – LINK.

    4) Mute all students

    If you want to mute all your students, click ‘Mute everyone‘ from the options:

    5) Mute/Unmute and Start/Stop camera 

    If you want to mute/unmute yourself or start/stop camera, click on the microphone icon or the video icon respectively.

    6) Microphone and Speaker settings

    If you want select the right microphone and speakre, click the drop-down arrow on the microphone icon and choose the right microphone and speaker after testing it.

    7) Toggle tile view

    You can toggle between the tile view and the speaker view during the video call by clicking the toggle icon, as shown below:

    In this view, you’ll be able to see the video of all your students in tiles, as shown below:


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