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    While teaching your students in the Classroom, in addition to referring to your own databases you can also refer to “Studies” and load the activities to the main board and ask questions.

    First, click on the “Load Games/Positions” at the top-right:

    Then, go to the “Studies” tab. You can select from the different categories of studies: My, Public, Shared.

    When you click on a study, you can see its activities:

    You can see the “Ask” button below the activities. You can click on it to ask the activity as a question to your students in the Classroom itself. You can learn more about asking questions in classroom here. And you can learn more about how to see the live view of your students solving when asked questions here.

    For puzzle and play with computer activities (since they are activities based on a proper chess position), you can also see the options to load the position (Load FEN) and load the entire game (Load Game) in addition to the Ask option:

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