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    If you want to refer to some materials (games and/or puzzles) during the class, click on the “Load Games/Positions” at the top-right:

    You can refer to materials from all your databases (My Databases, Shared Databases, Public Databases) from the “References” tab. Learn more about databases here.

    You can click on the + icon to expand a folder and to view the databases in it:

    Click on a database to view the games in it:

    Then, you can do the following: Ask (ask question from a position), Load game, Load FEN.

    1) Ask

    By clicking the “Ask” button on a reference game/position, you will be asking your students a question from that position. You can learn more about this in this article.

    2) Load game

    If you want to load an entire game from your reference material, you can click the “Load game” button. After this, the game will be loaded to your main classroom board.

    3) Load FEN

    If you want to load a certain position to the main classroom board, click on the “Load FEN” button from the reference material. Below is an example:

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