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    If you have not configured your Zoom account with the platform (to use integrated Zoom in Classroom) and if you are using the external Zoom app to connect with your students, this article will guide you to get the best experience.

    Let’s say you are connected with your students through the external Zoom app. You resize the window to fit the Zoom call within the Classroom, as shown below:

    But the problem here is that the moment you click anywhere on the browser (say make a move), the Zoom app will automatically get closed (as you are clicking out of its scope).

    Pinning Zoom on top always

    A simple solution to this is the “Keep on top” option in Zoom. Right click on the Zoom window and enable this “Keep on top” option.

    It simply means that the Zoom window will always be kept on top of your screen (pinned to your screen). Therefore, even if you click anywhere on the browser, make moves while teaching, the Zoom window will remain intact so you can always see your students on the call.

    Ideal Setup

    For best experience, we recommend that you resize your browser a little to the left, leaving some space on the right side, where you can “Keep on top” the Zoom window vertically, as shown below:

    This way, you get a beautiful view of the entire Classroom and also see your students in Zoom window on the right side:

    Moving the Zoom window

    You can also move it wherever you want as you want to access different parts of the Classroom. For example, if you want to access the reference materials, you can move the Zoom window elsewhere temporarily, and then move it back to the same place.

    Minimizing the Zoom window

    You may also minimize the Zoom window to better access the Classroom components. You can exit the minimized window anytime to restore it to its previous size.

    Hide/Show video to minimize further

    Additionally, you may click on the “Hide Video” option to have an even smaller Zoom window. You can click on “Show Video” to get the video again.

    Student view

    You may also guide your students to use the “Keep on top” option in Zoom app and resize to the top-right of the screen.

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