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    The “Play With Computer” is one of the activity types available in a study.

    What is a “Play with Computer” activity?

    The objective of this activity is to let the students play against the computer from a particular position. This can be helpful if you want your students to learn to checkmate with pieces (checkmate with queen, rook, bishops, etc.) or master important chess endgames (opposition, rook and pawn endgames, etc.)

    Creating a “Play with Computer” activity

    To create this activity, you need to enter the following details:

    • Title: The title/question of the activity. For example, “Can you checkmate with the rook?”
    • Position/FEN: The starting position of the game/activity from which the students will play against the computer.
    • Add Hint: Enable this if you want give a hint to your students. You can learn more about how hint works here – LINK
    • Goal: “Win” or “Draw” – desired result for your students while playing against the computer
    • Score: The total points students get for completing the capture activity
    • Max Attempts: Maximum number of attempts for the students to achieve the goal. An attempt is considered lost when the desired goal is not achieved.
    • Time limit: By default, it is disabled. Enable it if you want to set a time limit for the activity.

    Click on the “Setup Position” to setup the chessboard or paste a FEN. Then, choose the color with which the students will play. Finally, click “OK”:

    Below is an example activity where the student has to checkmate the computer with the rook:

    Finally, click “Done” and the activity will be added to the study:

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