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    To create an MCQ activity (multiple choice questions), click on the “Multiple Choice Activities”

    Creating a multiple-choice activity is similar to creating a puzzle activity. It has the following fields:

    • Activity: Enter your question here.
    • Add hint: If you want to let your participants take hint, enable this and give the hint (learn more about this here – LINK).
    • Activity: You can either upload an image or click the “Setup chessboard” to ask a puzzle-based MCQ (for example, asking the students to choose the best move from multiple move choices)
    • Add options: Add options one by one, and mark one of the options as an answer.
    • Score: This is the total points the participant will get for each activity
    • Negative Scoring for Wrong Answer: If you want to give negative scores for every wrong attempt, you can enable this and set the negative score per attempt (learn more about this here – LINK).
    • Time to solve: This is the total time (in seconds) the participant will get to solve an activity

    How to add options and set answer?

    Enter the first option and click the checkmark. Then click “Add Option” to add further options. Finally, click “Mark as answer” to the option that you want to mark as the answer:

    Finally, click “Done“, and your multiple-choice activity will be created:

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