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    The “Explanation Activity” is one of the activity types available in a study.

    What is an explanation activity?

    The explanation activity can be used to explain/teach a concept. You can think of it like a mini web-page or article. It can contain texts, images, and chessboard positions.

    Creating an explanation activity

    First, give a title to the explanation activity. This will be visible at the top of the activity for your students while solving. Then, enter the content in the text area below:

    Inserting chessboard position

    If you want to insert a chessboard position in an explanation activity, click the chessboard icon visible at the top of the text area (in the tool bar) or above the cursor:

    You can then setup the chessboard by selecting the pieces from the side and then clicking on the squares of the board (or by dragging-dropping them on to the board). You can also change the orientation of the chessboard (option on the right side), draw arrows, and highlight squares using right-click on the mouse.

    Finally, click “OK”, and the board will be inserted.

    If you want to change the alignment, click on the board and then choose the alignment:

    Inserting video

    If you want to embed a video in an explanation activity, click on the 3 dots at the right-end of the tool bar and then click the “Insert media” option:

    Paste the video URL in the “Source” field and then click “OK”.

    The video will then be embedded to the explanation activity.

    Finally, click “Save” at the top right to save the explanation activity. It will then be added to the study.

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