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    The “Capture Activity” is one of the activity types available in a study.

    What is a capture activity?

    As the name suggests, this activity helps in understanding capturing with pieces and piece movements. Therefore, it is best suited for newbies and beginners.

    The elements of a capture activity are:

    • Capturing piece – the piece(s) with which the student has to move and capture
    • Capture items – the capturables, they can be pieces or other items like food, emojis, toys, etc.
    • Roadblocks – items like bricks/blocks that add challenge to the activity, blocking the path

    Objective: The objective of the activity is that the student has to capture all the capture items with a piece (or multiple pieces), moving past all the roadblocks/challenges. This way, the student will learn how each piece moves and captures in a fun and interactive way.

    Creating a capture activity

    Creating a capture activity is very simple. It has the following fields:

    • Title: The title/question of the activity. For example, “Can you capture all the items with the rook?”
    • Position: Setting up the chessboard with the capturing piece, capture items, and roadblocks.
    • Add Hint: Enable this if you want give a hint to your students. You can learn more about how hint works here – LINK
    • Score: The total points students get for completing the capture activity
    • Time limit: By default, it is disabled. Enable it if you want to set a time limit for the activity.

    By default, there will be a position involving capturing with a rook. Click on the “Setup Position” button if you want to setup a new position for the capture activity:

    After you click the “Setup Position” button, you can use the “Clear Board” option to clear the board. Then, you can click on the capturing piece to select and then place them on the board. You can also select between white/black colors for the capturing piece.

    Similarly, you can choose between the different categories of capture items: chess pieces, food items, toys, animals, rewards, emojis, and space items.

    Below is an example capture activity:

    After setting up the position, click on “OK”, and then “Done” to create the activity. After that, the capture activity will be created and added to the study:

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