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    If you want to share an entire folder of databases with a coach/student, select the “Share Folder” option across the folder:

    Note: Click here to learn how to share an individual database.

    Then, select the user with whom you want to share the folder:

    After selecting the user(s), you can choose whether they can edit/download the databases. By default, they will have only “Read-only” access, which means that they can only view the games in the databases.

    If you want to allow them to edit the games and/or download the databases, select “Allow Write” and/or “Allow Download” respectively.

    Finally, click “Save” to share the folder of databases with the user(s):

    You will then see the success message that the folder has been shared:

    The user(s) will then see the entire folder of databases under their “Shared Databases“:

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