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    This article explains how to set up your account in Instamojo. To learn about creating invoices, click here.

    1) What is Instamojo?

    To collect payments from your students, you need to create an account in Instamojo, a platform that offers online payment solutions, online stores, and more.

    2) Instamojo sign up

    You can sign up as a “Business” at and complete the onboarding process as explained here – Instamojo Onboarding.

    3) Integrating with Chesslang Platform

    Now that you have created your business account in Instamojo, the next step is to integrate it with the Chesslang platform (your academy) so that you can create invoices within the platform and collect payments from your students.

    On the left sidebar, go to “API & Plugins” and you will find the following:

    • Private API Key
    • Private Auth Token
    • Private Salt

    Please share these Private Keys with us so that we can set up the integration for your Chesslang account. 

    Once the integration is complete, you will be able to create invoices and collect payments from your students – click here to learn about that.


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