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    1. First, you have to do email configuration for your academy. Click here to learn more.
    2. Ensure that you have set the email address for your students. Click here to learn more.

    When creating a classroom, you will see an option to notify students via email – enable that.

    Whether you start the class immediately or schedule the class, the selected students will receive an email notification about the class. Below is an example of how the email would look like:

    Note: To show your academy logo in the email, you have to upload your logo in the Academy customization section – click here to learn more.

    Upon clicking the “Join Now” button in the email, the student will be automatically logged in to the platform and be taken to the Classroom.


    • Email notification will NOT be sent for “Open to all” classes.
    • The time mentioned in the email is the time at which the class is scheduled/started, and the student’s timezone set inside the platform will be taken.
    • The sender address will be noreply@<your_domain>.com (along with the sub-domain where the Chesslang platform is integrated). For example:
    in Classroom