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    In order to seed the players in a tournament based on their Ratings, you have to select a Rating system for your tournament.


    1. You can learn about choosing the Ratings systems for your academy here – LINK
    2. Set Ratings for your students – LINK
    3. You can learn how to create tournaments here – LINK
    4. Learn more about tournaments – LINK

    1) Select Rating System When Creating Tournament

    Only the Ratings system you have chosen for your Academy (in Settings – LINK) will be shown here. In this example, we have selected “USCF Quick” Ratings.

    After creating the tournament, let your students join (Students joining process explained here – LINK). Once your students have joined, check the ‘Players‘ tab in the tournament before finalizing players:

    2) Finalize Players once Students Join and Refresh 

    You will notice the Ratings are shown for the students, while the seedings are yet to be updated. To update the players seedings based on their ratings, click ‘Finalize Players‘ and click the ‘Refresh‘ button:

    You will now see the players seeded based on their Ratings (Rating system chosen for this tournament, in this example ‘USCF Quick’). Now you are good to start the tournament. Click ‘Publish Round 1 pairings‘ to proceed:

    And the pairings will be generated based on the players seeding.

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