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    If you want to record your Chesslang online classes, the Google Chrome Extension “Awesome Screenshot and Screen Recorder” can help you – LINK

    Awesome Screenshot and Screen Recorder – Pricing

    Features FREE Basic Professional
    Price in USD (Annual) $ 0 $ 60 $ 72
    Price in INR (Annual) ₹ 0 ₹ 4900 (approx.) ₹ 5900 (approx.)
    Local reordings Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
    Local recording length Up to 5 mins per recording Up to 5 mins per recording Unlimited recording length
    Cloud recordings Up to 20 recordings Up to 20 recordings Unlimited recordings
    Cloud recording length Unlimited recording length Unlimited recording length Unlimited recording length
    Resolution Up to 720p Up to 720p Up to 4k

    Learn more about its pricing and features – LINK

    Step-1: Add this Extension to your Chrome browser

    Step-2: Click on the Extension to open it:

    Step-3: In the “Record” tab, select the “Custom” option (so that you can record a selected area on your screen, for example, the chessboard area)

    Step-4: Select your microphone/camera to record audio/video (you need to give permission to the Extension for recording):

    Step-5: Choose whether you want to save the recorded video locally (on your device/desktop) or cloud (online). By saving to cloud, you can easily share it with your students using a link.

    Step-6: Click “Start Recording” when you’re ready.

    Step-7: Select the area you want to record. For example, the chessboard.

    Optional: If you’re using Google Meet’s PIP mode during your online class and want to record that as well, place the Meet PIP near the chessboard and select that area to record as well:

    Step-8: Click the “Record” button when you’re ready and want to start the recording.

    Step-9: You can pause the recording, mute your microphone, and use other tools if needed.

    Step-10: You can also click and drag the recorder to move it to a different place on your screen.

    Step-11: When you’re done and want to stop the recording, click “Pause” and then “Stop”

    Step-12: You can download the recorded video or get a shareable link to share it with your students.

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