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    After you have created a private quiz and your students have started solving it, you can see their progress in the the quiz page:


    There are 3 different status:

    • Yet to start – the student is yet to start solving the quiz
    • Incomplete – the student has started solving the quiz and has attempted/solved at least one activity
    • Complete – the student has attempted/solved all activities and has completed the quiz

    You can also see other details such as the total activities attempted, total solved, and total points scored. If two or more students have scored same total points, then they will be sorted according to less time taken to solve the quiz.

    You can see a student’s attempts by clicking on the ‘+’ icon or the student row. After that, the student’s attempts section will be expanded and you can see the student attempts for all activities:

    All the attempts made by the student along with the timestamp will be shown. You can also see the points scored by the student for each activity, along with the points deducted for using hint (learn more), and negative score (learn more) if any.

    • Total points scored: The “Star” icon indicates the total points scored by the student for that particular activity.
    • Hint penalty: The “Bulb” icon indicates the points deducted if the student has taken hint for that activity. (It will be “-” if you have not set any hint for the activity, or “0” if the hint is set but the student has not taken hint)
    • Negative score: The “X” icon indicates the negative points. This will be based on the number of incorrect attempts made by the student, and the negative score you’ve set for each wrong attempt.
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