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    After you have created a private quiz and invited your academy students to take it, they will see the quiz under their “Quiz” section.


    Once they click on the quiz name, they will be taken to the solving area. It will look like this:

    • The name of the quiz will be shown at the top
    • The student can also see the total number of activities (puzzles/MCQs) in the quiz and navigate between them
    • The points scored by the student (as he/she solves each activity) will be updated at the top right
    • Timer for each activity will be shown at the top right (in case no time limit has been set for an activity, it will increase from 0:00 – learn about activity configuration here)
    • The student can also click the “Solve Later” button if he/she wishes to solve the quiz later.

    As the student solves the activity, he/she will be notified whether the correct move was made. Once solved an activity, the next activity will be loaded automatically.

    The student can also navigate between different activities either by clicking forward/backward icons below the activity or by clicking the numbers at the top:

    After the student has attempted all the activities and completed the quiz, he/she will see the following pop-up:

    The student can see all the activities again by clicking “View Problems”, or click “Go Back” to back to the quiz listing screen.

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