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    If you want your students to repeatedly practice certain positions/drills by playing against the engine, you can make use of the “Practice” module.

    The Practice module consists of Chapters and Positions.

    1) Chapters

    Chapters are a group of similar positions/drills. You can create as many chapters as you want.

    For example, you can create a chapter called “Pawn Endgames” and add all the positions related to king and pawn endgames in this chapter.

    Chapter Levels – Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

    The different levels of chapters are:

    1. Beginner
    2. Intermediate
    3. Advanced

    2) Positions

    Positions are the individual positions (problems/drills) that your students will practice by playing against the engine. In the below example, you can see that the chapter “Basic Checkmates” has 8 positions in it.

    Position Levels – Easy, Medium, Hard

    The different position levels are:

    1. Easy
    2. Medium
    3. Hard

    Create Chapters and Add Positions

    1. See how to create chapters here – LINK
    2. See how to add positions to a chapter – LINK
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