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    While you are in the Classroom and on a video call with your students, you (and your students) can popout the video call. This way, you can also go to other modules like Game Area, Simul, Tournaments, Database, etc. in the platform while staying connected on the video call.

    You will find the following two buttons on top of the video call – Popout and Size.

    • Popout – Clicking on this button will popout the video call. You can choose the following positions – Top-left, Top-right, Bottom-left, and Bottom-right – on the screen
    • Size – This is to select the size of the popped out video – Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large

    You can select any popout position and any size, and the video will be popped out accordingly:

    Once the video is popped out, you can go to other modules and stay connected with your students:

    If you would like to get back to the normal position inside the Classroom, go to the Classroom and click the “X” button:

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