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    To see the payment invoices generated for your students, go to the “Invoices” tab of the “Payments” module:

    It shows the following details:

    • Student name
    • Student email – to which they will receive the invoice email. Please make sure that the correct email address of the student is added (learn how to set email address for students in Chesslang – LINK)
    • Amount
    • Invoice sent – whether the invoice email has been sent to the student’s email address
    • Status – whether the student has paid or not
    • Date – date on which the invoice is generated
    • Options – “Send Invoice” email manually, “Mark as Paid” manually

    Invoice emails are sent to students’ email addresses at 8 PM IST everyday until the payment is made. If you want to manually send the email, click the “Send Invoice” button. In case you’ve received the payment offline and want to mark the invoice as paid, click “Mark as Paid“:

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