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    The “Leads” module will have all the details about the leads generated for your academy through the mobile app (learn more about the mobile app – click here).

    1) Quick Summary

    You can see a quick summary of the leads generated at the top-right. You will see the total number of leads generated, leads generated in the current month, current week, and the previous week.

    Note: You can learn about converting leads here.

    2) Leads Info

    You will see a table with the list of all leads of your academy. The following details (that are given by the leads when they sign up in your mobile app) will be shown:

    • First name
    • Last name
    • Username
    • Email
    • Country
    • Date of sign up

    Sorting: You can sort the table by ascending/descending order of any column. Simply click on the column name to sort in ascending/descending order.

    You can click on a particular lead to see more information about them such as their skill level, rating, and more.

    3) Search

    You can use the search option to search for leads by their first name, last name, username, and email:

    4) Filter

    You can use the “Filter” option to filter leads based on certain conditions:

    You can filter leads based on:

    • Country: filter leads from one or more countries
    • Date of sign-up: filter leads who signed up before/after a certain period
    • Skill level: based one or more skill levels
    • Rating: based on a minimum/maximum rating
    • Type: filter leads by their type – whether they are a school student, graduate, or parent
    • School/Institution: from one or more schools/institutions

    In the following example, we’re using the country filter to see leads from Australia:

    After applying the filter, the “Leads” table will be updated (filter applied) and you will see the number of leads matching the filter. In this example, it is just 1 lead.

    You can click “Clear Filters” to clear the filters applied and see all leads.

    5) Export

    You can use the “Export” option to export the leads in a csv file. You may export all leads or only the filtered leads if you have applied any filter.

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