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    You can find the table of all the invoices you have created in the “Invoices” tab under the ‘Academy’ section.

    1) Invoice Listing

    You can find the primary details such as the invoice number, description, student, dates, amount, payment link, and status. 

    2) Status Filter

    By default, you will see all the invoices. Click on the dropdown to view invoices based on the “Status” filter. For example, “Show paid” will filter the invoices with status ‘Paid’:

    3) Search

    You can use the search option to search for invoices by the student name, invoice number, or even the invoice description.

    4) Sorting

    You can click on any column to sort in ascending/descending order. For example, clicking the ‘Amount’ column once will sort in the descending order:

    5) View Invoice

    To view detailed information, click on the invoice:

    You can also do the following:

    • Click “Mark as Paid” to manually mark the invoice as paid, if the student/parent has paid externally (for example, through cash)
    • Copy the payment link and send to the student/parent to collect payment through Instamojo
    • “Delete Invoice” if you want to delete it

    Note: Once an invoice is marked as paid, it cannot be undone.

    You may also mark invoices as “Paid” and delete them directly through the “Actions” column in the list view:


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