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    After creating a tournament (see how to create a tournament here – LINK), you will see the following pop-up in the tournament page:

    As mentioned above, the students will be able to join the tournament ONLY AFTER you click ‘Start Tournament‘.

    What will my students see until I click ‘Start Tournament’? 

    Until you start the tournament by clicking ‘Start Tournament‘, your student will be notified by a pop-up saying that the tournament is yet to be started. They will see the following pop-up when they come to the tournament page:

    Therefore, until you start the tournament by clicking ‘Start Tournament‘, the ‘Join‘ option will be disabled for the students.

    TIP: We recommend that you start the tournament and let the students join a few minutes before you want to start the tournament. This way, the chances of students joining the tournament way before the games actually start and then being ‘absent’ is very less. So ask your students to come online, start the tournament, let them join, and start the games. 🙂

    After I click ‘Start Tournament’, how do my students join?

    Once you click ‘Start Tournament‘, students will see a pop-up on their screens which will say that the tournament has started and they can join, as shown below:

    Finalize the players and start the tournament games

    After the students have joined the tournament, you can proceed by clicking ‘Finalize Players‘. By doing so, only those students who have joined the tournament (with status ‘Joined’) will be able to considered for pairings. Therefore, the students who have NOT joined will NOT be included for pairings.

    Students Joining Late and Exiting

    As said above, when you finalize the players, only those who have joined during that time will be considered for pairings. However, your students can also join the tournament late if they have missed the first few rounds. You can find more details about players joining a tournament late and exiting here – LINK

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