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    During your online classes, you can load your chess PDFs/e-books to the Classroom, snap chess diagrams to automatically convert them as a chessboard position to load to your mainboard.

    First, click on the “Load Games/Positions“:

    Then, go to the “PDF” tab and upload the PDF from your device:

    After uploading the chess PDF, go to the page number from which you want to snap chess diagrams, and then click the “Snap” button.

    Once you click “Snap“, you have to click and drag to select the area (chess diagram) that you want to snap. Below is an example:

    After the chess diagram from the PDF is snapped, the converted position will be shown in the setup position pop-up. You can edit the setup position if needed, and add other settings such as: whose turn it is to play and castling rules.

    Finally, click “OK” the position will be loaded to your classroom’s main board, as shown below:

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